Different Corona Virus with the Flu

weightlossfavo.com. Different Corona Virus with the Flu. Difference common flu with infected Covid-19 is obviously different.

Similar but not the same, recognize the difference between the Flu symptoms and the CoronaVirus Covid-19. The symptoms of Corona Virus and its traits as well as differences with the Flu.

Explanation of cough differences due to Corona Virus infection with regular cough.

It looks similar, so know the different symptoms of Corona Virus with the Flu. The difference in pain due to Corona Virus (2019-nCoV) with regular influenza.

Symptoms similar to the usual flu include fever, cough, and headache.

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Then the differents symptoms of Coronavirus and the Flu, like what ?

To find out more details, please refer to some of the following information on the different pain caused by Corona Virus with the Flu below.

Headaches, fever, a bodypain, cough, and weakness. Such symptoms usually appear 1-3 days after exposure to viruses from others.

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Colds and sore throat are considered to be the earliest signs of the Corona virus attack cause COVID-19. Then, what a difference with the flu due to weather influences.

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Some symptoms of Coronavirus are fever body above 38 degree Celsius and dry cough.

People infected with Covid-19 and influenza showed the same symptoms of respiratory tract infection. It includes fever, colds and cough.

Although it shows the same symptoms, but the viral causes can be different. Therefore, the identification of CoronaVirus Covid 19 is not easy.

Further research is required in the laboratory to ensure that a person is infected with the CoronaVirus Covid-19.

Therefore, the WHO as the World Health Organization recommends that everyone with symptoms of cough, colds, fever, and breathing difficulty in order to consult a doctor immediately.

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Health officers are also required to be notified of your travel history in the last 14 days. Especially before these symptoms arise.

Also tell the last contact history information with anyone. Is there someone who is suffering from respiratory tract infection and looks like the above symptoms or not.

How long did the Corona Virus incubation time (Covid-19) ?

Incubation period is time since contracting until symptoms arise.

The incubation period CoronaVirus (Covid-19) is estimated to be between 21 days. However, forecasts may change at any time as the case progresses.

When referring to previous viral outbreaks, such as SARS and MERS, Covid-19 incubation period can also reach 14 days.

All humans are at risk of exposure to Coronaviruse COVID-19. But the risk depends on the place of residence and interaction of people or places visited recently.

The risk of exposure to Covid-19 is greater in the area in the red zone which has been diagnosed with a positive Corona Virus.

In some of the information I have shared, please read back related symptoms of Corona covid-19 virus in the following links.

As of now, more than 1,2 million cases worldwide are already infected with Covid-19. Because the spread and transmission of human beings are so fast.

Usually, transmission and spread can occur after a close contact with the Corona Virus infected patients.

Initially the case of COVID-19 occurred in China, mostly in Wuhan, Hubei province.

Unfamiliar with age, everyone could be infected with Coronaviruses COVID-19 from others who positively Covid-19.

This Virus can spread from human to human through a diffuse nose or mouth fluid. Especially when someone is positive COVID-19 cough or sneezing, even when breathing emits oxygen.

Today, I read some news in yahoo, some animal in US can be infected with covid-19 too.

A cough or sneezing liquid can drift and stick to objects and surfaces around the person.

Other people can then be infected with the Coronavirus COVID-19 by touching the object or surface. Next just touch their nose, eyes, or mouth.

Therefore, hold to touch the area of your head to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. Use masks to protect yourself and the around you.

Still follow the government’s recommendation in social distancing/phisical distancing, live a healthy life and keep the distance.

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