Latest News On Coronavirus Latest News On Coronavirus. Every day to date in global victims of Covid-19 Virus are growing.

The viral distribution of Covid-19 is very massive and fast. This has been ensured by the world WHO as a global pandemics.

In this time, admin try to share about corona virus update today.

The pandemic Coronavirus Covid-19 has resulted in social turmoil also in some countries. The purpose of government is to protect people and their people.

But there are also many countries that are not ready in the efforts to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus Covid 19.

An example is India, with Lockdown imposed apparently the Indian government is not ready with the social and economic continuation of its people.

In Indonesia it does not seem to implement LockDown system in combating Coronavirus. Because, the Indonesian government is also not ready with the social economic condition of the people of Indonesia.

The Indonesian government currently chooses to apply territorial quarantine to break the Covid-19 transmission.

While the last time, President Joko Widodo already announced to impose a civil emergency. Seems to be temporary applicable in the capital and surrounding areas.

Because the capital of Indonesia is currently the epicenter (Jakarta, red zone) of the Corona Virus Covid-19 outbreak.

In Italy, some people have been looting the shops that sell basic needs in some places.

In the United States, President Donald Trump will initially impose Lockdown for New York, but the board has not yet approved it.

Spain, the death with Coronavirus is the most until this day after Italy.

Finally, in the United States, the territorial quarantine system was still enforced to break the spread of the Corona Virus Covid-19.

Well, therefore let’s get a lot of knowledge about what corona viruses are, and how to prevent them. Is Corona Covid-19 Virus medication already there ?

To answer some of these questions, please refer from the beginning to the end of the sentence on this page.

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The total number of positive cases of Corona viruses in global, Monday morning, reached 1,273,499 cases, with 69,451 people dying and 262,351 people cured.

While the update the number of victims of the global Covid-19 You can check in the link above. Latest News On Coronavirus on that site too.

To see the number of victims of Corona Covid 19 each country, please scroll down, click the name of the country. Then there will appear complete statistics related victims of the Corona Virus.

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Tips preventing transmission of Corona viruses Covid-19

To date, there is still no cure or vaccine to prevent Corona virus disease (COVID-19).

The easy way to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid 19 are :

  • Clean your hands routinely with an alcohol handsanitiser or soap and water flowing.
  • Apply a mask of the nose and mouth, so when sneezing and cough does not spread.
  • Avoid close-up physical contact (either 1 metre or 3 feet) with anyone.

Learn more about the symptoms of a video infected with Corona Virus Covid 19 above, please open THIS link.

Because Coronavirus can infect ready only, can even be infected with Covid 19 without symptoms.

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Diseases of the COVID-19 Virus is a rapidly infectious disease. Corona Virus can cause respiratory tract disease with fever symptoms, dry cough.

Update of CoronaVirus Covid-19 Today

In a more severe Corona Virus Covid-19 infection, it will cause pneumonia.

Protect yourself and the people around you by routinely washing your hands and avoid touching your face.

How to Corona Virus spread ?

The main spread of Corona Covid-19 is through contact with a positive person. More when they cough or sneeze, or through saliva droplets or nasal fluid.

Well, please follow the continued development or the Latest News On Coronavirus in the world on this page.

Some country will reach the top of Corona Virus later this month (excerpt from worldometers), and hopefully quickly disappear Corona Virus Covid-19 from this earth.

Some experts say that the incubation period of the CoronaVirus Covid-19 is about 2-14 days. The symptoms of Corona virus Covid-19 infections appear around the 5th day after the infection.

Hopefully with more articles like this, more and more science that we can share about Covid–19. So, we can be able to detect the beginning and tackle this Covid–19.

Importantly, let’s carry out and obey the rules that have been made by the Government, namely social distancing or maintain distance, self-quarantine, healthy lifestyle, and do not homecoming first.

Because many people who are already infected with Covid-19 do not show any symptoms, especially in young children.

Also that person who is already said to be cured of a positive Corona most likely can appear again Covid-19 in his body. As is the case in China.

Thus little information on the Latest News On Coronavirus.

Hope, admins will update to continue progress this corona virus outbreak to information.

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