what is Corona Virus or COVID-19 ?

weightlossfavo.com. What is Corona virus or Covid-19 ? So, Here admins will try to explain a little understanding of the Covid-19.

To this day, the death continues to increase due to this corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak. Also included in all country, which has always increased victims of this Corona Virus.

Then what is actually this Corona Virus, until it is really fast spread and its transmission.

Even a victim with a chronic illness or a further age is difficult to do if it is infected with the Corona Virus or Covid-19.

Well, for that admin will try to share about what is Corona virus or Garry 19 ? Please see some sentences and paragraphs below.

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Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is a rapidly contagious disease. Covid-19 is caused by a new viral mutation that has never been known before.

The Corona Virus (Covid-19) may cause pain in the respiratory tract. Usually begins with symptoms such as fever and cough. Can be more severe like pneumonia.

We can all prevent the transmission of the Corona Virus or Cvid-19 by washing hands periodically and avoiding touching your face.

How to spread Corona or Covid Virus 19

The most rapid spread of Corona viruses is the presence of contact with the infected person. For example, when there is a cough or sneezing, and through saliva droplets and nasal fluid.

So, what is Corona Virus or COVID-19 ?

Corona Covid-19 Virus Prevention Tips

  1. Until today there has been no vaccine / drug that is sure to treat coronavirus (COVID-19).
  2. You can reduce the risk of transmission of Corona viruses when :

    – Periodically cleanse your hands with alcohol or soap and water.
    – Cover the nose and mouth with the tissues or elbows that are bent when coughing and sneezing.
    – Avoid physical contact or close quarters (1 meter or 3 ft) with anyone with flu or complete symptoms.

For today’s youth, chances are they are a lot of the indifference to this deadly Corona plague. They think they have stronger body resistance than people who are over 40 years old.

However, the young people infected with Corona’s Virus are not all of the symptoms alike. That’s the more danger of fellow neighborhood.

Because they can quickly transmit Covid-19 to others without being noticed. Therefore, for all just keep the distance and the health of each.

Understanding Corona Virus and Covid-19

For children who would like to know what is Covid-19 ? Parents can explain by looking at the news in the media.

Whether it’s the origin for the appearance of Corona virus, the way of transmission of Covid-19, the tips to prevent corona viruses, and others.

So, how do I explain the CoronaVirus Covid-19 Virus to children ? As a parent may be somewhat difficult to explain about the dangers of the Corona Covid 19 to the child.

However, all parents do not worry, in this page there is little to share the experience of how to explain Corona Virus in children.

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What is COVID-19 ? The Corona virus or COVID-19 is a virus that attacks the human respiratory system.

The pandemic Covid-19 was already a millons of infected people and tens of thousands died. This has forced some countries to have LockDown already imposed.

The main objective of enforcing Lockdown is to prevent the spread of the Corona Covid-19.

Experts have learned a lot and made the Corona Virus vaccine that became an outbreak of this world.

So little share about what is Corona Virus or COVID-19 ?

Explain to your children about this Corona Virus. Tips to avoid from Covid-19, and more.

Keep your distance and live healthy for your family, you, and the environment.

Thanks and greetings to share for the health together.

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