What is the best free calorie counter app ?

What is the best free calorie counter app ? Let’s start to discuss some of these applications.

In this page, I’ll try to give you 5 best calorie counter App that’s free on your gadget. Like an Android and iOS.

Hopefully your diet program runs smoothly and successfully. So that it can reduce your excess weight.

Again, I will share information about some of the best calorie counter applications. An example of a calorie counter application for Android and iOS.

You will be able to choose according to your preferences. Of course by adjusting the calorie counter application with your smart phone.

In this article, the admin will share the top 6 Best Free Calorie Counter App In The Test. Please choose and use for your diet.

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Even though there are many more calorie counter applications out there, I will share this information.

It is related to several questions and requests from several customers of this website www.weightlossfavo.com. Namely The 6 Best Free Calorie Counter App In The Test.

Let’s discuss one by one, please read this information from beginning to end to avoid misunderstandings.

Top 5 Best Free Calorie Counter App for Android and iOS

The summer is approaching with big steps. Then it’s time for a calorie tracker. Which you can conveniently get straight to your smartphone.

Let’s introduce you to the top 5 Best Free Calorie Counter App In The Test.

Probably the most popular every year’s resolution is losing weight. To succeed, there are numerous methods, including weight loss apps.

We tested the six best free calorie Apps, ones for iOS and Android in this article. With a calorie counter apps, you keep track of how many calories you’ve already consumed a day.

Whether you want to gain or lose weight, it is definitely helpful to count the calories. It may seem a bit annoying in the beginning, but with intuitive mobile applications, it’s easy and fast.

Therefore, We tested some the best calorie apps for Android and iOS.

Nowdays, the tools for weight loss apps is booming. Many people use the smartphone to achieve their dream weight.

In many study, the apps not only count calories, but are also a food diary, fitness coach and diet plan in one.

Since there is a large selection of weight loss apps, we have filtered out the best six for you and examined them more closely.

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You want to get fitter ? Here are the best free fitness and nutrition apps in the test. Top 5 Best Free Calorie Counter App for Android and iOS.

Choose one what is the best free calorie counter app ? for you.

  • Noom Coach : The Excellent

Noom is a well-known weight loss app from the US and personal trainer, nutritionist and health coach in one.

At the beginning, you have to specify weight, height, lifestyle and your goals. After which the app creates a personalized training and nutrition plan for a period of 16 weeks.

It will be developed with coaches. Coaches and consultants working with Noom. Once the plan is there, you track your daily movement and state what you have eaten throughout the day.

The calorie counter app, Noom, has been recognized by the New York Times, Women’s Health, Shape, Forbes, and ABC. And has helped people build their lifestyle and achieve goals.

When setting up the application, you give your age, your size, your starting weight and your desired weight and off you go.

Now you can enter your meals and look in the big Noom database for the food eaten. The amount of food can be specified very precisely.

In addition, there is a detailed analysis, thanks to which you can see how much you should eat from which food group.

You can check all your achievements under the point chronicle. There, you will get an overview of when you weighed yourself and when you exceeded. Or undercut your calorie budget.

Another practical feature is that the calorie counter app includes a pedometer. And the application can also be linked to Google Fit.

A special feature of the calorie counter app are the programs that Noom offers. For this you have to answer some questions about your habits and your problems. And the application suggests different possibilities.

However, you have to pay for the programs of the individual coach.

  • Calorie Counter by FatSecret : The Informative

FatSecret’s Calorie Counter app is a great way to find nutritional information about foods eaten, and get an overview of your own meals.

If you open the application for the first time, you have to provide some information such as current weight, age and gender. So that the app can calculate how many calories you should take during the day.

Then you come in the clear menu, in which you at a glance breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks / other. There you enter all your food.

Either by search or via barcode scanner. We really liked the huge selection, in the courts of restaurants and chains are there.

In addition, it is possible to enter your sports units as well as your sleep as a kind of diary in the applications.

If you scroll even further down, you also see very clearly which nutritional values you have already taken to you.

In this way, your eating behavior is even more aware and you can better assess which foods. For example, have a high fat content and which not.

We also liked the recipes the application provides. If you want to create the same diet plans from the calorie counter app, it works, but only in a paid Pro version.

Select one is the best free calorie counter app ? today. May there is different again from here.

Get with easy What is the best free calorie counter app ?

  • Calorie Counter EasyFit : The Diverse

The EasyFit calorie counter app is just right if you have a clear (weight) goal and you want to track your calories.

If you set up the app, you will need to provide a lot of information about age, height, current weight and goal weight.

And sports activity levels (how many hours a week and how hard).

Then you choose your goal : be it fat loss, weight maintenance, mass building or muscle building + fat loss.

Afterwards you get from the calorie app an estimate, how long it takes and how many calories you should take daily to reach your goal.

If you track your daily calories, you have a large selection of ingredients or dishes in the application. These are clearly listed with pictures.

There you are looking for your food in the various categories such as bread & nuts, sweet & salty, fruits, etc.

Or go directly through the search bar. Also a water tracker is integrated, in which you enter, how much you drank.

In addition, the tracking app offers you even more features, because the application has many statistics ready for you.

With which you can see your success at a glance. Something has disturbed us the partially annoying advertising.

  • Lifesum – All in one app

With Lifesum, you have diet planner, calorie counter and several recipes in one app.

To find your optimal diet, the app offers you a test to help you find the perfect plan for you.

There you state what you most like to eat, what is most difficult for you. What is important to you and whether you are cooking yourself.

The weight loss app evaluates your answers and suggests a diet plan and various recipes.

However, you must become a paid premium member to use the full scope of the evaluation.

In addition, you enter in the app, how many glasses of water you have drunk during the day. So you get an overview of your water balance.

Also your workouts are recorded with Lifesum. Conveniently, these can be connected to services such as Google Fit.

So that the app automatically accesses your fitness data. In the premium version, you can also sync fitness apps or bracelets.

Like Withings, Runkeeper, Fitbit, Jawbone or Endomondo with Lifesum. We especially liked the app’s appealing design.

Many people find what is the best free calorie counter app ? Here are they, use one that’s match with you.

  • Yazio – The Diverse

The free weight loss app Yazio, offers you calorie counter and food diary to improve and control your body weight, your activities and your diet.

First you give your size, your current weight and your desired weight. Whereupon the app calculates your daily calorie goal.

Then you contribute every day your food and your activities. So you know how much calories you should take in the best case to you.

Yazio will provide you with a calorie chart of over one million foods.

In addition, the app automatically calculates your movement units and equalizes the calories accordingly.

We also liked the different challenges, which you can also use in the free version.

You do without chocolate, sugar, coffee or alcohol and the app shows you how long you’ve been through. In addition, you will receive in this version a free recipe of the day with low-calorie dishes.

In the paid Pro version, the app delivers you more delicious recipes and recipe suggestions.

Sometimes, Pro members can participate in various challenges, such as a 28-day weight loss challenge, low-carb metabolic boost for beginners, or 14-day clean-eating challenge.

So, What is the best free calorie counter app ?

Conclusion – our test result

With all five calorie counter apps you are in good hands, when it comes to tracking calories.

Noom gives you a good overview of your eating habits and also offers special (paid) programs, with which you can quickly get to your destination.

FatSecret’s calorie counter application impressed us with its wealth of information and integrated recipes.

All 5 weight loss apps you are in good hands when it comes to getting rid of the accumulated kilos from last year.

In principle, the apps offer you the same features and differ only in small points. We liked Yazio, because we can use many features here in the free version, such as challenges or the free recipe of the week.

Lifesum has been very appealing to us about the visual presentation and provides a good overview of your food intake.

Noom also provides a handy overview of your eating habits and helps you reach your weight loss goal.

But the test winner is Calorie Counter – EasyFit, because this calorie app offers most features, including water tracker and a huge food database with pictures.

In order to use the weight loss apps in full, you have to buy the Pro version at all. This gives you even more features available, with which you reach your desired weight faster.

That is today’s information about what is the best free calorie counter app ?

Hopefully the top 5 best free calorie counter app information can make your diet program more organized.

Good luck with your diet program today. Thanks.